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The Lifestyle Check

✓   Insight in your health


The Lifestyle Check

Simple Check is glad to contribute to sharing the knowledge about lifestyle interventions, both preventive and curative. Based on our mission to give as many people as possible insight and control over their health and increase their vitality. Together with our dietitians and lifestyle coaches, we have developed a scan to get insight into your own lifestyle and the associated health risks. Our Lifestyle Check.

An online questionnaire

The Lifestyle Check is an online questionnaire. The questions in the Lifestyle Check are about the subjects exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mental resilience. These topics give direction to how your lifestyle can be improved. After completing the questionnaire, your results will immediately be visible on our - highly secured - personal Health Dashboard. In addition to these results, you will receive targeted advice, tips and information that contribute to improving your
lifestyle and  health.


Usefull to do

Because the Lifestyle Check is an online questionnaire, this questionnaire comes with an attachtment. This attachtment offers help in completing some questions in the Lifestyle Check. Such as how do you measure your own abdominal circumference, what is meant by refined products and / or which vegetables are dark green vegetables. So before you start the questionnaire, download the attachment by clicking on the orange button on this page, so that filling out this questionnaire runs smoothly.

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