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Whoever you are, whatever you do, you are of value to Avebe.

What we would like to see is that all our colleagues go to work whistling. And that is quite a big goal. Because what do you need, to go to work whistling? To continue to work well and have fun doing that. And how can Avebe help, and support with this? That is why Avebe is starting the “of Value Scan”. This begins with a questionnaire and follow this up, Avebe gives you the opportunity to participate in a Health Check.

The “of Value Scan”

The “of Value Scan” is an online questionnaire developed by TNO. This scan provides clear insight into your own health, motivation and development. After you have completed the “of Value Scan”, you will immediately get insight into your results in your highly secured personal “of Value Portal”. Here you can see what Avebe offers in terms of health and vitality. Where necessary, Avebe will offer you all kinds of support in the form of coaching, training or other guidance. You can decide whatever you would like to do with this yourself, based on the results of the test. Your portal is not accessible to anyone! Your results are only visible to you. And to no one else! If you want more information about storing and managing your personal and medical data, click here for the answers to the most frequently asked questions about privacy.

The Health Check  from Simple Check

After you have completed the “of Value Scan” you will be asked if you want to participate in the Health Check. You are of course free to do or deny this, but the Health Check will give you an expert insight into your mental and physical health. This Health Check is conducted by Simple Check. During this check, your body proportions, your blood sugar levels and your cardiovascular functions will be examined, among other things. The test takes approximately 45 minutes, and is at work, during work hours. Your results from the Health Check will also be visible on your “of Value Portal”. And these results are also not visible to anyone else but you!

What will be measured?

  • Of Value Scan (online questionnaire)
  • Healthy Living Scan
  • Blood-tests (cholesterol & blood sugar)
  • Body proportions (weight, height, BMI, fat percentage)
  • Muscle power of your upper body
  • Blood pressure
  • Eye test
  • Ear test
  • Lung test

How do you sign up?

Register by clicking on the link in the invitation email. Please note: take enough time for your registration. Here are some tips:

  • It is useful to use your private email-address. This way you can always reach your personal results.
  • Keep your mobile close: you will receive an SMS code for verification
  • The SMS comes from our software supplier JOHAN. This is for your own privacy. For more information see our privacy policy
  • Take 15 minutes for your registration. You will be redirected to the “of Value Scan” immediately. To finalize your registration, you must complete this questionnaire in preparation for the Health Check.
  • After completing this questionnaire, you will end up on your personal Dashboard, where you can make your appointment. Please note: you have to do this yourself! For this, you can make a choice within a well-arranged agenda, specially adapted at a location and time that fits within your workday.
  • You can sign up for the Health Check till the end of October
  • You will receive the appointment confirmation for the Health Check approximately two weeks in advance.

In this link you will find a clear manual with the step-by-step description for your application. This manual is very usefull so it is advisable to open it and download it. You can find the manual by clicking on the button below.

Manuel for the application


If it is not clear, or if there are any questions, we invite you to come by during the walk-in question hour. Avebe’s project manager will also be present to answer questions. You can find the schedule below:

Van waarde


Simple Check works on the Johan BV software. Technical measures have been taken within this software to ensure that the data contained within this software is optimally protected. One of these measures is, for example, that you must protect your account with both a password and a telephone number. This prevents others from entering your account, even if they guessed your password. You can find our privacy statement here.

Secure and encrypted

The personal test results are stored encrypted and are only accessible to you. The storage of data meets the strict requirements of NEN7510 in accordance with the legislation and regulations for healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail, using the e-mail address: anne@simplecheck.nl

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